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Israeli Fellows By Academic Discipline

U.S. Fellows By Academic Discipline

Israeli Women Count Gender balance over the years

*  From 12% in 1957 to 67% in 2020.

temp year
Were women

U.S. Fellows in Israel Top-producing institutions

*  1956 - 2021

University of Pennsylvania
Stanford University
Harvard University
Brown University
University of Maryland, College Park
Columbia University
NYU-New York University
Brandeis University
MIT- Massachusetts Institute of Technology
Caltech - California Institute of Technology
University of California, Los Angeles
University of California, Berkeley
The University of Chicago
University of Michigan
Cornell University
Yale University
University of Illinois
Johns Hopkins University
University of Minnesota
Princeton University

U.S. Fellows in Israel Geographic Spread

Israeli Fellows By hosting institutes in the U.S.

Distribution of Institutes across the U.S. From where did American fellows come to Israel?

The UN Sustainable Development Goals Total number of Alumni Contributing to the field